How did SunSquirt start?

With a personal family connection to cancer…

It is an area which SunSquirt founder Kris, has always felt incredibly passionate. Following a bad case of sunburn sustained during a trip to the beach in 2014, he realised a problem faced by many Aussies was the lack of readily available, high quality sunscreen in many of the places it’s most needed. After all, buying an entire bottle can be expensive, and many find it inconvenient to carry around with them.

Kris began to wonder how many people might benefit from a service that made small doses of sunscreen available in a convenient way.

During a 2015 survey of visitors to Manly beach one 36-degree afternoon, Kris discovered 18 per cent of people were not wearing any sunscreen at all. On top of this, a massive 86 per cent reported not to have re-applied within the previous three hours. When 90 per cent said they would be keen to use some kind of single-serve sunscreen dispensary, Kris realised he was onto something.

Quality, evolved.

Continually evolving, we have fine-tuned and re-worked all elements of our machines based on research and ongoing user feedback. In doing so, we have developed a piece of equipment that offers the ultimate in user-friendliness, intelligence and visually pleasing aesthetics. It really is the perfect addition to any widely-used outdoor space!

The vision for Sunsquirt was not simply to provide sunscreen to the general public, but to couple this with real-time information about UV strength and education about quantities and application. For that reason, the decision was made to install a media screen into each unit, which would contain exactly that. The developers also identified an opportunity to capture important metrics around sunscreen use, meaning data collection software also became in-built.

A pivotal and proud moment in the Sunsquirt story came when it was agreed that our machines would exclusively dispense Cancer Council sunscreens. We then knew that our customers would be protecting themselves from the harsh Australian sun with Australia’s No. 1 and most trusted sunscreen brand.

We also knew that every purchase goes towards cancer research and services – how good is that?

There are a number of purchasing and hiring options, each of which can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your space.