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Unlike those out and about in the sunshine for long periods of time on a regular basis, event attendees often don’t factor sun protection into their planning. Aside from general forgetfulness, there is also an element of inconvenience associated with carrying around an entire bottle of expensive sunscreen for a long period of time.

Event planners and venue operators are encouraged to consider renting our Sunsquirt technology on a per-day basis. We’ll work with you to determine the number of machines required, based on expected foot traffic and conditions. What’s more, our free-standing kiosks come in battery & solar-powered options, so they can operate in any environment to ensure guests have a safe and enjoyable day.

For a fixed fee, Sunsquirt machines can be set-up to dispense at zero cost to the patron, or fitted with tap-and-pay technology. In either scenario, our smart software allows us to monitor your machines throughout the entire event, installing, delivering, supplying and refilling as required.

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